Pawn Shop Metal Detectors for Sale in West Covina

At West Covina Pawn & Loans, we are an authorized dealer for metal detectors from Whites & Garrett, a leading manufacturer in the industry. Whether you are searching for rings, gold, or any other assets, we have metal detectors that fit any budget or skill level.

Enjoy Searching for Lost Treasure

A successful treasure hunt thanks to a metal detector from a pawn shop.

With metal detectors, people actually do find lost treasure! Jewelry, old coins, and even gold nuggets can be found on the beach or on a mountain trail, right under your feet. Metal detecting is a fun hobby at any age. It can get you out of the house and is a good way to exercise.

You never know when you might find something valuable. Ask a friend to let you try their metal detector out or find a metal detecting club in your area. In no time, you may be searching for treasure detectors for sale; if so, you’ll find some good deals at West Covina Pawn & Loans.

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Gold/Metal Detector

Treasure hunting can be a fun, healthy, productive hobby. However, a quality gold metal detector can be quite expensive. High-end models can range into the thousands of dollars. If you’re looking for something more affordable, your local pawn shop is a good place to look.

West Covina Pawn & Loans offers used metal detectors for sale that can help you find different types of metal. Metal detecting is a common hobby in California. Prospecting for gold has a long history here; although in most places you can use metal detectors, there may be restrictions on digging, so be aware of local regulations.

The California Gold Rush

A stamp celebrating the California Gold Rush of 1849.

The California Gold Rush began in 1848. It drew about 300,000 people to the state and boosted the economy, leading to statehood in 1850. In addition to local economic stimulation, it prompted the construction of the Panama Railway and had worldwide implications.

During this time, trade with Britain, China, Chile, and Australia increased. The First Transcontinental Railroad was later built to connect California with the rest of the United States. The Gold Rush had lasting effects. Metal detectors are more advanced now, but they can still give you a sense of the enthusiasm of that time.

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

A metal detector generates electromagnetic energy to create a field around it. The electromagnetic field is transmitted from the search coil to the ground, energizing any metal objects nearby. Metal items will retransmit the field back to the coil, triggering a response.

The target may be buried treasure, but it can also be nails, bottle tops, and other objects attracted to magnets. Some detectors can be set to reject such items or identify targets based on ferrous and/or conductive properties.

Different metal detectors produce different types of responses. Some have a light that changes color, while many use a beep or another audible sound. There are also models that feature a digital display for notification.

What Do You Need?

We can help you find a basic metal detector if you’re just starting out. This is great if you have access to a beach or have an old property where old coins or relics may be hidden. Other than the machine, it helps to have a pair of headphones so you hear subtle alerts without distracting background noise.

A control box is essential, while a pinpointer can help you find the target quickly. Diggers, trowels, or a garden shovel help deal with various ground conditions. Sand scoops are best for the beach. You also want to have something to put your treasures in, such as a pouch or metal detector bag.

About West Covina Pawn & Loans

Our team can help you learn the basics of treasure hunting and even set you up with equipment suited for your needs, including accessories. A family-owned business, West Covina Pawn & Loans has been serving customers since 1992. We can provide cash, a pawn loan, or a free appraisal.

Friendly and knowledgeable, our customer service staff is committed to providing the best value for your items. We’re also known as a cash-for-gold business, and we pay for diamond, gold, and silver rings and jewelry, as well as watches. We’ve also expanded beyond expensive items to buy and sell fun gadgets such as metal/gold detectors.

Our Catalog

View our complete catalog to get an idea of what we offer. Our pawn shop is proud to buy and sell gold, silver, and equipment that helps you find small gold nuggets on your own. Many customers ask, “Do pawn shops buy metal detectors?” We sure do, and we have some of the best on the market! These include Whites & Garrett Ace™, ATX™, GTI™ 2500, and other systems.We now carry the full Line of Minelab Gold Detectors, Treasure Detectors and Recreation Detectors!


Request Additional Information from Our Friendly Staff

With several years of experience, we are ready to assist you with any questions you have regarding your metal detector purchase. Our knowledgeable staff members can help you decide which metal detector is right for you. To request more information about our metal detectors, please contact West Covina Pawn & Loans at (626) 602-1149 today!

The AV Minelab GPZ 7000 Gold Nugget Metal Detector, a metal detector available at West Covina Pawn & Loan.

The AV Minelab GPZ 7000 Gold Nugget Metal Detector, a metal detector available at West Covina Pawn & Loan.

The Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector, a metal detector available at West Covina Pawn & Loans.

The Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector, a metal detector available at West Covina Pawn & Loans.

The Garrett ATX Metal Detector, a metal detector available at West Covina Pawn & Loans.

The Garrett ATX Metal Detector, a metal detector available at West Covina Pawn & Loans.

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