Pawn Shop Watches

A luxury watch, an item that you can buy and sell at a pawn shop near you such as West Covina Pawn & Loans.

At West Covina Pawn & Loans, we buy and sell all types of watches, from affordable to high-end luxury brands. Selling watches to pawn shops is a practical way to get cash quickly, or even secure cash loans that you need. We are knowledgeable in the current market and offer the best prices for new and used models. Our dedicated staff can assist you when you’re looking for an appraisal on popular watch brands, including Bulova, Zenith, Hublot, Michael Kors, Apple, and Rolex watches.

Why Sell Your Watches at a Pawn Shop?

There are literally thousands of websites where you can sell a watch. You can place listings on the most popular ones such as eBay or Craigslist. Online marketplaces can be competitive but, with the right buyer and some luck, you may succeed at selling a watch at a good price.

However, it can be easier to sell your watch at a pawn shop. Pawning a watch means you don’t have to go through the selling process, which can be time-consuming. While online selling may be convenient, it does come with risks, especially when it comes to getting a fair price or avoiding possible fraud.

Whether to buy, sell, or appraise a watch, pawn shops apply industry expertise in determining the market price and assisting you in any way possible. At our West Covina store, we carefully evaluate each watch to ensure it’s in good cosmetic and operating condition, authentic, and pawned at a fair deal. We even take into account whether you have the original packaging and certification (box and papers), which can impact the value of your item.

If you seek pawn shop watches for sale, or sell one for instant cash or to secure a collateral loan, due diligence helps. Research the price of the watch before selling it. Also, get a few price estimates to compare so that you can choose the best offer.

Do Pawn Shops Buy Smart Watches?

Luxury watches aren’t the only timepiece items that pawn shops buy. In fact, smart watches are among the most popular items sold at pawn shops. Products such as Apple watches can have a high resale value and, thus, be profitable to pawn, both for the seller and the store. Selling your smartwatch to a pawn dealer can be easier than doing so online.

About West Covina Pawn & Loans

Have you been searching for pawn shops that buy watches near you? Have you been shopping around for collateral loans against valuable items? West Covina Pawn & Loans has decades of experience in helping our customers, including authenticating and appraising watches. In addition, we buy jewelry, diamonds, and gold, as well as instruments and work tools in exchange for instant cash.

If you’re selling new or old watches for cash, we offer free appraisals, the fairest pawn loans, and best possible service. To learn more, call 626-602-1149, contact us online, or visit us today in West Covina near Los Angeles.

  • West Covina Pawn offers terms from up to 4 months. APR Interest Rates vary from 2% to 35.99%. Rates vary based on value of collateral as well as length of loan. All rates and terms of loans are strictly regulated by the State of California. Example: Amount Financed $2500. APR 24.12 percent. Length of loan 4 months. Total Interest charge $201.00 Total Interest and Principle is $2,701.